Sunday, July 11, 2010

An inherited talent

Looking back over my blog
I get the feeling
It's got a bit too sweet
All love and joy 
And happy families


I'm not sure how that happened
When I first started my blog
I had visions that it would be a journal
A reflection, perhaps, of my creative journey


I seem to be discovering
That my greatest creative achievement 
Is not made of fabric and thread
Or paper and ink


It's made of laughter and tears
Of love and memories and stories and secrets
It's always changing and growing 
And it's definitely a work in progress


Today we celebrated my grandson Charlie's 1st birthday
And the photos above are snippets of his party 
Last weekend we celebrated 
My Uncle Keith's 97th birthday
Here's Uncle Keith with my Dad, his brother-in-law

And here's my Great Aunt Henrietta, who is also in her 90s
with my daughter and my mother
at Uncle Keith's party


 Perhaps making families is an inherited talent
I do, after all, come from a long line of families.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Such a Treat

I read a lovely book last week.
About a dog in the Nor' West
of Western Australia
And the people who loved him

Louis de Bernieres' Red Dog

It brought back a lot of childhood memories
Of when we drove to Marble Bar
One of the hottest places on Earth
For a family wedding

It was a long drive on dirt roads
Several thousand kilometers
With my parents and my grandmother
It was quite an adventure

On our way there we called into Roebourne
To visit my Aunt and Uncle and cousins
Who lived in a caravan
In that dry and dusty place

The times were different
There were few houses for families
You had to be tough and resilient 
To live in that part of the world

The Pilbara has changed
since those pioneering days
Now it's all suburban amenities
And air-conditioned comfort

Which is why 'Red Dog' was such a treat
Allowing me to re-visit how it used to be
When the world was still a surprise
waiting to be opened.