Monday, September 20, 2010

I'd better get a wriggle on....

I've finally made some time to catch up on some other bloggers.
Slowly but surely I'm making my way through my favourites list.
The problem is, of course, I do have a lot of favourites.
And despite my absurdly time snatching schedule, I keep wanting to take on more projects...

Like this little dress at Jellywares

Fortunately I can put this one on hold as Jodie hasn't released the pattern yet
And I have no little girls to make it for.

This pattern from Elaine at Northern Lights is perfect for my grandson Charlie

Luckily it's spring, so I can put them,

And these,

On hold too.

At least crocheting is wonderfully portable,
which is more than can be said of some patchwork.

I love this from Hen at Henhouse.  

And this from Cardygirl

Aren't they all scrumptious?
One of these days I may actually post something I've made
But I wouldn't hold your breath waiting!

This week my great accomplishment was mark of 96% on a maths test.Whoohoo
I'm doing an enabling course at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle. So I'm revisiting all those much neglected subjects of English and Mathematics plus a few new ones, like research skills (on databases) and computer skills.

I'm having very mixed results. Maths is fun, especially as I'm one of the few in my class (all of whom are young enough to be my children!) who knows their times tables. Which really makes me smile. Computer Skills is horrible. I find learning on line quite a trial and I get very bad tempered with it. Which makes me frown and my classmates smile.

I love it.
If I pass, and I hope I will, next year I plan to ..... ..... well that's the million dollar question, isn't it? Like craft, there are so many options for study and I'm finding it very hard to choose just one. Applications for enrollment are due by next week.
I'd better get a wriggle on and make up my mind

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Real Indulgence

I go a university down by the ocean
near the port in Fremantle

So some days
I meet my daughter 

and go to a late lunch by the water

Other days
I sit in a courtyard
and study

On the weekends
I usually try and reduce
the mountains of washing,
and catch the dust bunnies
that hide in the corners.

But this weekend
I visited my Mum 
and enjoyed 

her garden
and her cooking

I know. 

It really was an indulgence

Thank you for the wonderful words of support for my uni studies. 
I'm excited and terrified at the same time. :-)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Neglecting my dear little blog

I feel sad that I've neglected my dear little blog

And all my lovely new friends.

Its just that,

I am so busy, running around,

Like a chook without a head.

I shouldn't even be here now,

I should be busy doing something else.

Because ... you see ... I have

...Against all better judgement

And prudent time management...

Enrolled to study

At University.

I really must be demented

To return to study after so many years.

(And after dropping out of Uni

Back in the 80s

When I was pregnant with my first child )

But if truth be told,

And it should be,

Student life is a lot of fun.

It's revisitng my youth

And finding little bits of myself

I had forgotten about.

Its time away

from all the "stuff"

I am responsible for.

Its wonderful, self indulgent Me time.

Now I just need to figure out

How to make it smooth sailing on calm waters!

(- : All good advice will be greatly appreciated.  :-)