Sunday, May 30, 2010

Splendid things

I'm taking a breath
Before tomorrow begins
With work, and schedules and watching the clock
Many important things that simply can't wait
And I need a clone
To get it all done
So before I start to hyperventilate
In a panic attack
I'll reflect on why
I'm now in a pickle

It's not so much that I'm a chronic procrastinator
(And I am)
It's more that life can sometimes be so delicious
I get distracted

It's autumn
and we had some rain
and it's been cold

Then the sun shone

We took Charlie to baby gym

And went out to lunch

It wasn't all fun and games
Of course
I did the usual stuff
The cleaning, the washing, the ironing
There was the white ant inspection, and the gas delivery
That didn't warrant a photo

But after class yesterday
(French classes, so handy when we live thousands of kilometres from the nearest French speaking folk)

We went out to lunch... again

And I photographed


For my blog

So when I begin to worry
about the relentless demands of life
And fret about how I squander the hours 
I'll think instead about the joy
Of time spent on splendid things

Thank you to the lovely ladies who are following my ramblings
I love having you here
And visiting you too

Friday, May 21, 2010

Opening my eyes to the world around me

One of the up sides of learning to blog is that I've finally faced my camera...from both sides of the lens. 

I've had my camera a couple of years but until now I haven't really felt the need to explore all that it can do. I did a photography course years ago. I wasn't quite using a box brownie (that was my Mother's first camera) but I must say the technology has done a few leaps and bounds since those giddy days in the dark room.

Aren't digital camera's fantastic? Without the cost restraints, that used to limit the number of photos taken, we can pose in unlimited shots until we get a photo that makes us look respectable. Better still, all those ugly photos that make family and friends look like freaks out of a horror movie can be tastefully deleted away as if they never existed.

Here's a photo of me with my two beautiful daughters.

Now if you knew me even slightly you'd be amazed to find me sharing a photo of myself. But then in most of my photos I bear an unfortunate resemblance to Jabba the Hut, and I've spent a lifetime scowling and hiding from cameras. While I think my chances of becoming a photographic model are still on the limited side, it's really rather pleasant to no longer be afraid of the camera lens.

As I've been learning all the gadgets on my camera I've learned a few useful things as well. 

Moving targets are incredibly difficult to shoot 
 and animals are particularly uncooperative.

This Tassie Tiger at the Zoo was a nightmare. 
The poor little fellow was running round and round his enclosure at the zoo. Shooting him without fuzz was quite an achievement. Mind you, there were several (dozen?) blurred attempts to go with it.

Gus and Harry (my daughter's dogs) were a little more cooperative.

And of course Kangaroos in the daytime are a doddle.

Taking photographs at night is a whole different ball game
and I have so much to learn.

Having a camera on hand is a really good way 
to capture other peoples very good ideas.

But the most exciting part of my camera
is the way it's opening my eyes to the world around me.

Graffiti-ed bamboo at the Zoo. 

Is beautiful.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Making Memories

Last night 
 my son and his new wife
my daughter-in-law
threw a party

There were flowers

and speeches

 a cake

a kiss



and the inevitable morning after

With all the changes 

the modern world brings us

Some traditions 

are worth keeping.

Thank you 

J & E

for a night


making memories

Thursday, May 6, 2010



I've come to the conclusion

What's to forgive really? 

There are worse things in the world

Than having a happy child.

And while I'm sad 

I missed their special day

I'm still incredibly blessed

Last Friday night we went out for dinner

for my youngest son's 19th birthday

 But more than that

It was a celebration

Of family