Friday, May 21, 2010

Opening my eyes to the world around me

One of the up sides of learning to blog is that I've finally faced my camera...from both sides of the lens. 

I've had my camera a couple of years but until now I haven't really felt the need to explore all that it can do. I did a photography course years ago. I wasn't quite using a box brownie (that was my Mother's first camera) but I must say the technology has done a few leaps and bounds since those giddy days in the dark room.

Aren't digital camera's fantastic? Without the cost restraints, that used to limit the number of photos taken, we can pose in unlimited shots until we get a photo that makes us look respectable. Better still, all those ugly photos that make family and friends look like freaks out of a horror movie can be tastefully deleted away as if they never existed.

Here's a photo of me with my two beautiful daughters.

Now if you knew me even slightly you'd be amazed to find me sharing a photo of myself. But then in most of my photos I bear an unfortunate resemblance to Jabba the Hut, and I've spent a lifetime scowling and hiding from cameras. While I think my chances of becoming a photographic model are still on the limited side, it's really rather pleasant to no longer be afraid of the camera lens.

As I've been learning all the gadgets on my camera I've learned a few useful things as well. 

Moving targets are incredibly difficult to shoot 
 and animals are particularly uncooperative.

This Tassie Tiger at the Zoo was a nightmare. 
The poor little fellow was running round and round his enclosure at the zoo. Shooting him without fuzz was quite an achievement. Mind you, there were several (dozen?) blurred attempts to go with it.

Gus and Harry (my daughter's dogs) were a little more cooperative.

And of course Kangaroos in the daytime are a doddle.

Taking photographs at night is a whole different ball game
and I have so much to learn.

Having a camera on hand is a really good way 
to capture other peoples very good ideas.

But the most exciting part of my camera
is the way it's opening my eyes to the world around me.

Graffiti-ed bamboo at the Zoo. 

Is beautiful.


  1. Love the photo of you and your girls - you all look so happy x

  2. beautiful photos - yes I agree, I love my digital camera, such instant gratitude! I like your new header by the way x

  3. Lovely photo's! I just purchased a new digital slr camera that I am slowly learning to use properly. I think the next thing to learn is how to use photoshop so that you can 'mess about' with your photos!! Lovely post! Justine x

  4. Hi Nice to meet you, Thanks for following my blog
    don't Camera's open up a new world when you take blog pics?
    where in oz are you ? I have a friend in Perth who has just started a blog.
    Cate x

  5. I know what you mean about the camera, mine seems to always go dead when I have a great camera moment, oh well. Im not great at photography at all but it is nice to always have the camera with you when your out and about. Lovely photo of you and your girls. I have spotted a birds nest that I want to capture on my camera this weekend so fingers crossed!

    All things nice...

  6. Hi, like the name of your blog.... i guess any thing with the word orange in it gets my I will be looking in at your blog from time to time.....thanks for sharing your ideas... also I love taking pictures of others folks the one you have of the planters....nice pictures..linda

  7. Thanks for the comment on my blog - actually, he's my son! - I'm a 40-something mum - started a bit late, I guess!!!

  8. I never thought I could take a decent picture....But digital cameras have given me a boost of confidence. You're so right about just clicking erase and poof, the mistake is gone. Love it. Have you tried for photo editing? It's so much fun to doctor those photos. (And it's nice to see a picture of you! I hate the way I look in pictures. Rarely are there any good ones of me).

  9. Hi there thank you for popping by and leaving a comment. I think that is a lovely picture of you and your girls I too dont appreciate my pciture being taken as it shows my true size and not the one I am in my head!

    I am the one on the left of the pic with my stall pulling the stupid face. We got back yesterday after a lovely time. It was wonderful to get back home thought its where I prefer to be

  10. Hello,
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my post.
    I loved what you said about being a rose.
    What a lovely photo of you and your girls, you look like you have a wonderful family around you.
    Have a great weekend..Em xxx

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog, if they came from Ireland more than likely it was a thatch cottage as they are the traditional type in Ireland, alot of them were then replaced with iron roofs and today we use tiles or slates. I love the traditional thatched stone cottage with white washed walls- So pretty

    All things nice...

  12. You are your daughters look lovely!Beautiful doggie in your header;)

  13. Love the photos! Your daughters are gorgeous too....must take after their mother, oh ok, we will give dad some credit too!!! When digital cameras came out I was so against them, but now I love them! No more wasting film! Don't like that photo? Zap! Away it goes!! I've enjoyed reading your blog, but on this side of the world it is getting late so I have to say from what I've read I've enjoyed it. I'm a follower now, and look forward to coming back!
    Take Care,


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