Friday, April 23, 2010

Letting Go

I'm coming to terms with it.

It's taking a while.

I blogged about it

Then I panicked a bit

And edited it out


The truth is

Letting go of emotions

Is not as easy

As  pressing

The delete button

It's not every day

Your baby boy

Your eldest son

Your pride and joy


So many emotions

I remind myself

To keep it in perspective

Of all the worries

A mother has

For her child


Is the least of them.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Am in Awe

I'll try and add a link here..Jellywares
Yoo hoo! I think I made it work!

This is one of the first blog pages I found in my first tentative steps into blogworld. I was so excited. Needless to say I love both crochet and ric rac, so I thought it was one of the most delightful things I've ever seen.
Photo and crochet by Jodie at Jellywares

I promptly went and searched the cupboard for some cotton and bought a hook to get started. I think I've made about a metre of it so far. I haven't taken a photo yet, so you'll have to take my word for it! I have no idea what I'm going to use it for, but it is ric rac so its possibilities are limitless. 

 Blogging is proving to be enthralling in a way I never imagined. I'm traveling the world, gaining endless inspiration and meeting a incredible collection of  talented women, all via their blogs. I know it's a measure of my advancing age (No, I'm not sharing That information) but in the 'olden days', when my children were small..

And when communication across the world was a much slower exercise, this exchange of ideas, knowledge and world wide community was unimaginable.

I am in awe. It sounds a little silly when I say it. But it is nothing but the truth. I'm in awe of these (mainly) young, talented, inspirational women, and in awe of the technology that I could have only dreamed of as a child.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Watching the grass grow

Late this morning Keturah and I set off on our favourite walk
Along the bridle trail 

Where the hues of summer abound

The grass has bleached cream in the sunshine
And the creek bed still runs dry

For all its unique beauty
It's always nice to see summer say goodbye 
And to catch a glimpse of autumn

At home
New green shoots
Are smiling in the sun

And the pink and grey galahs come to pay a visit
It's the perfect time of year
To sit in the sunshine
And watch the grass grow.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finding The Unexpected

Don't you love finding the unexpected?

Yesterday Charlie, Keturah and I went for a walk.
Around my son's neighbourhood.

We checked out the gardens
And picnicked in the park

It was pretty and pleasant

Then we found...
Tucked away inside the conservative looking Council Chambers

And thanks to Artist Vivienne Wright

Unexpected and astonishing beauty. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A patchwork of perfect moments

It's Easter Sunday today
It's also my parents Wedding Anniversary
They have been married 51 years

And my beautiful daughter's Birthday 
Amy is now 23 years old.

We celebrated the day with a family luncheon
Keturah cooked chicken and corn soup
Amy made pizza's 
and Honey Pork Spare Ribs
I made the potato salad
And Tim, Amy's partner, made a orange baked custard tart for dessert.

After all my years of being a parent I still suffer with the occasional delusion
That life should be perfect
Like a well made movie or glossy magazine shot

But the reality is often quite different
Life can be messy 
and filled with
unusual outcomes

Like the sadly melted birthday cake

The odd collection of candles

And the stapled bunting that seemed like a good idea at the time

Yet for all it's quirks
Or perhaps because of them

Days like Today,
 When the Sun is shining and the air is cool,
And I am surrounded by the people I love,

Life is a patchwork of perfect moments
That bring profound
And cherished

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Looking for magic

I've had a lazy couple of days. Stupidly I fell down the stairs, and I've been feeling a bit battered and bruised. Nothing serious, just enough to slow me down and have a bit of a temper tantrum.

I've spent my time reading 'Hanna's Daughters' by Marianne Fredriksson and translated by Joan Tate. It was a satisfying read, full of interesting snippets of Swedish history. The characters were complex but frustrating. I'm not sure I agree with the author's summation that the life of a woman is automatically so full of anger. Then again, perhaps my current personal anger (at my clumsiness) has coloured my response.

Life is about looking for magic.

And finding it in the everyday.