Friday, April 23, 2010

Letting Go

I'm coming to terms with it.

It's taking a while.

I blogged about it

Then I panicked a bit

And edited it out


The truth is

Letting go of emotions

Is not as easy

As  pressing

The delete button

It's not every day

Your baby boy

Your eldest son

Your pride and joy


So many emotions

I remind myself

To keep it in perspective

Of all the worries

A mother has

For her child


Is the least of them.


  1. Well, that would be a shock! But what a confident, loving man you have nurtured...a man with the confidence to elope with the love of his life & who knows the support you will always give him! The shock will wrote this blog beautifully!

  2. Ahhhh -- it will be okay. Very well put. Hang in there. (My boy is heading off to college in the Fall, I'm hoping all will be well). I guess the worrying never ends.

  3. I commented on your last post about elopement - my brother did it too and I know how my Mum felt about it (worried he was doing the right thing mostly, but he is still happily married 9 years later). Hope all is well and you are feeling a little happier about it now. x

  4. Such a wonderful way to think about it! It's so true though. Not something to worry about in the big scheme of things:)


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