Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finding The Unexpected

Don't you love finding the unexpected?

Yesterday Charlie, Keturah and I went for a walk.
Around my son's neighbourhood.

We checked out the gardens
And picnicked in the park

It was pretty and pleasant

Then we found...
Tucked away inside the conservative looking Council Chambers

And thanks to Artist Vivienne Wright

Unexpected and astonishing beauty. 


  1. Hi Kim
    Thanks for the comment on the blog, I hope to see you tomorrow at the Inglewood Artisan Markets - my stall will be near the library entrance :)
    Take Care

  2. What an interesting display, I love finding something unexpected like that.

  3. There is nothing like finding unexpected treasures. They are always the best kind. The neighbourhood looks lovely. We live in the foot hills of the Pyrenees, and it is very rural here, no neighbourhoods like that (and I do miss it so)

  4. What a gorgeous park and what a great fishy find..

    Hugs - Jodie :)


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