Saturday, March 27, 2010

Charlie Day

Friday was Charlie Day. Charlie's Mum works part time and I get to look after him some of the time. Charlie is my grandson, so naturally he's remarkably talented, incredibly intelligent and dashingly handsome. Not bad for only 9 months old!

Being a new Grandmother is quite an experience. I wasn't very happy about it to start with. It seemed so final, such an inescapable expression of aging that I didn't feel, or want to be, ready for. But once I got to meet Charlie, and now get to know him, the world and my place in it is changed forever. Being a Grandparent really is very good fun.

Charlie and his Mum and Dad, my son, live in Subiaco which took the full brunt of Monday's storm. Their street is still strewn with leaves.

Despite all the hail their herb garden survived.

Charlie has considerable wisdom in choosing his parents. They are doing a fantastic job in unfamiliar territory.


On Charlie's and my walk around Subiaco on Friday we discovered the 'Earthwise' Op Shop on Bagot Road. It's not your usual Op Shop. As well as the old Uniting Church that is its home, there's a permaculture garden and some amazing recycled artwork.
They even recycled a Hills Hoist as the framework for a grape vine.

Charlie and I will definitely visit again.

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