Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Dreams

Let me introduce you to Mr Orange Cumquat
Or 'Sunshine' as he is sometimes called.

We met when we were (very) young
So we've been married a (very) long time

 He's a man who likes the outdoors

And 'going bush ' when he can

He's been a great Dad

And worked hard for us all 

The years have flown

Mr Orange Cumquat is sadly not so well these days
And it's been a difficult time
For him, especially,
to come to terms with the Parkinson's
that is changing his life

My bossy red headed man
With his fiery temper and strong certainties
Has gone into hiding
And we miss him

The world changes
We have to change with it
To make new memories
From new dreams


  1. A beautiful tribute to a very special man...life sadly throws those curve balls...not easy to deal with, but they colour our lives...he is a lucky man to have a supportive wife.

  2. What a gorgeous tribute to your lovely husband. These things are sent to try us and I'm sure wih your support and love, your man will find a path through this. {{Big Hugs}} to you both, Justine xx

  3. Sending big hugs to you both - you have each other and that's what matters. xxxx

  4. Love conquers all
    sending a hug
    Cate x

  5. What a lovely post - I can feel the love you have for your husband in your beautiful words.

    Jill x

  6. You put that so well....I'm sorry that life as you love it is changing. Cyber hugs are being sent your way.

  7. I can definitely feel for you as my father has Parkinsons too. Don't ever feel that he has gone into hiding, he is still there, it just takes a while to process things these days. It's not an easy road, but the most important thing is love, and I'm sure he gets a lot of that!!
    Take Care,


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