Sunday, June 20, 2010

Something to cry about

It was a beautiful day here at my home
I've lots work to do and I need to atone
For last weeks debacle (and nasty burn)
And I have some self respect I need to re-earn

.....So I pulled out my trusty old mower
And set to work

I gave the 'oval' in the middle of the driveway a bit of a spruce up.
(The bricks are a work in progress. ... though it must be said, this is as far as the old chimneys progressed after they were demolished several years ago....)

Alas the home orchard needs more than a little spruce (up)
It needs a complete makeover
And a lot of TLC


I gave it a burl, I gave it a try
But my poor old mower gave up with a sigh

Then so did I!

So much for regaining some self respect. 
I ended up utterly exhausted! 
Puffing and wheezing like a steam train climbing a mountain
I felt quite defeated
I wished I was 'The Little Engine That Could'
It was one of my favourite stories when I was a child 

I wallowed in self pity for a bit
How absurd am I?
A middle aged grandmother
who needs to grow up
still wishing life was a fairy tale.

I do have one success to brag of though
With all my lack luster endeavours to fix up our property 
I haven't been creating much (other than chaos)
But I did manage this

My first dish cloth, of which I in-ordinarily proud.
And you, everyone, is/are absolutely right
Once you've used one, you don't want to use anything else.
I'm working on number 2 now. 

I'll just keep reminding my self 
That if I was a 'The Little Engine That Could'
I wouldn't be able to crochet
And that really would be
Something to have a cry about.


  1. you have a lovely space there, throw a few wild flower seeds on some of it you won't see the weeds.
    I'm having trouble getting to grips with the garden as well, I'm trying little and often :)

    nice dish cloth must try it sometime.

    have a good week
    Cate x

  2. Oh my, you've got such a great space. Though it does look like very hard work. Give yourself a couple of hours each day to work at it and you'll eventually have it looking how you want.
    Love the look of that dish cloth - though I'm not sure I'd be willing to use it for washing dishes with - it'd probably just sit next to my taps looking pretty :0)

  3. Between these last two postings, I'm feeling so badly for you. Sometimes life just doesn't go the way we envision it. You just keep your chin up and forge ahead. There will be better days ahead....At least days filled with clean dishes, thanks to the lovely dishcloths you're making. Just keep crocheting!

  4. I reckon you need a 'ride-on' mower for a plot of land that big - really, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself - just look at your dish cloth!!!!! it's beautiful!!

  5. A push mower is such hard work, but at least you have flat land! We live on the side of a hill, and that can be a bugger to mow. You do have a pretty lot, and I agree with vintage mum, throw some wildflower seeds out! In the meantime a little bit each day on the mowing will help, plus its great for our middle age bodies!!! Boy, do I ever know that!!
    Your dish cloth is so pretty. Just love the little extra ruffle you put around it. I have not crocheted in a while. I'd love to make a dish cloth sometime. What type of yarn did you use? Is it a double crochet? Maybe this fall I can make a few of them!
    Take Care,


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